Launch of an Australian FIRST in Detailing Technology

In response to CarLovers Carwash customer demand for car detailing facilities, CarLovers Detail Plus was designed and launched Monday 5 August to incorporate an Australian first in innovative detailing technology.


CarLovers Detail Plus systems and processes are tried and proven in detailing vehicles in the most effective and time efficient method.


The stringent techniques have been likened to a surgeons table and the facility has the essence of a well ordered, modern beauty salon for your car.


For example, the high tech workstations are placed on both sides of the vehicle to allow more than one person to independently work on your car at the same time, maximising the job quality and minimising time.


Mark Spencer, General Manager for CarLovers Detail Plus states;


"The combination of systematic detailing processes, researched and tested products and trained staff guarantee restoration and rejuvenation of your car to showroom quality.


Washing your car removes surface dirt but does not protect it from the sun, salt, coal dust, acid rain and usage deterioration.

On the other hand detailing makes a noticeable difference to the look and feel of your car- glossy paintwork, low sheen rubber and vinyl, cleaned and conditioned leather and sparkling chrome."

The new CarLovers Detail Plus has designed a new brand and launched an innovative new advertising campaign "Bring on that New Car Feeling". This advertising initiative hits at the core benefits of car detailing - the new car smell, shine, feel and beauty.

Detailing is misunderstood both as a term and its processes. Yet both are simple in translation - it is the systematic rejuvenation and protection of vehicle surfaces inside and out, top to bottom using trained staff, specialist tools and detail-specific products to restore vehicles to showroom condition.

Vehicle owners often ask; "why do I need to detail my car?" The three major reasons are to:


• Restore the look & feel of your car to the best possible condition
• Preserve the car value by turning back the adverse affects of wear & tear
• Add to its resale value

Vehicles consist of a variety of materials and each requires specific treatment, expertise and products. CarLovers Detail Plus excels in the surface detailing of cars due to its trained staff, modern processes, pristine workstations and premium products.

For ongoing benefits, your car needs to be detailed every 6 months, even more often if the vehicle is used for business.

If your car is used for commercial purposes, detailing adds to overall presentation and creates those vital first impressions.

CarLovers Detail Plus detailing packages and specialist services such as interior odour removal, paint correction, interior protection, paintless dent removal, windscreen chip repair, bumper rejuvenation, leather conditioning and interior and headlight restoration are completed to the best industry standards.


The five innovative workstation bays and two carwash bays provide a new approach to detailing small, medium, large and extra large cars.


Based on an innovative automotive detailing system, CarLovers Detail Plus aims to set new detailing benchmarks for its customers that include car dealerships, businesses, fleet managers and private car owners.


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