CarLovers Detail Plus

We just love your car

CarLovers Detail Plus is a dedicated detailing facility with state of the art workstation technologies, innovative systems, ultra modern facilities, first rate services and premium products to restore your car to a like-new condition.

Our Services

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Exterior Detailing

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Interior Detailing

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Full Exterior + Interior Detailing

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Detail Packages

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Express Car Detail

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Fabric Protection

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Caliper Painting

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Interior Odour Removal

Car Lovers Detail Plus


Car Lovers Detail Plus Paint

Paint Correction

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Engine Clean + Degrease

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Headlight Restoration

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Motorbike Detail

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Car Lovers Detail Plus Dents

Dent Removal

Car Lovers Detail Plus Rim Repair

Rim Restoration

Cars Detailed

Per year

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted car detailers in The Hunter where customers just keep coming back over and over again.

It’s all about the car

We love your car

For us there is nothing better than seeing your car roll out of CarLovers Detail Plus looking like it rolled out of the factory. That’s why we only use the best products and highest standard practices to give you a world class detail service.

CarLovers Carwash

Our Carwash is open 24/7 so you can get the car looking great any time. You can take it easy with the fully automatic Laser wash or for those who want to roll up the sleeves we have the coin wash plus vending machines packed with world class cleaning products.

Detail Services

At CarLovers Detail Plus we pride ourselves on having world class detailing services. Whether it’s the full works or something more specific like painting callipers or a headlight restoration, be assured we go all the way to deliver the best possible finish.

Our Clients

We have always prided ourselves on giving our clients the best there is to offer. We use only the best products and practices to achieve outstanding results every time and our clients certainly appreciate what we do.

Why detail?

To restore the look & feel of your car to its original & new condition
To preserve the car value by turning back the adverse affects of wear & tear
To protect your car from the sun, salt, coal dust and useage deterioration.
To add to its resale value
We recommend detailing your car every 6 months, even more often if the vehicle is used for business.



Car Wash

Hand or DIY