About Us

The difference is in the detail

At CarLovers Detail Plus we have one simple aim and that’s to be the best.
We use premium products, state of the art workstation technologies and the latest innovative systems, all housed in ultra modern facilities to deliver world class services that make your car look, feel and even smell like new again.

There are 3 major reasons to detail your car with us:

Reason No.

01. To make your car look and feel like new, which everyone loves.

Reason No.

02. To help your car retain its’ value by reversing the adverse affects of time on the road.

Reason No.

03. Maximisation of its’ resale value.

Regular detailing protects your car from the sun, salt, coal dust, acid rain and natural wear and tear from the road. For the best ongoing benefits we recommend detailing every 6 months, even more often if the vehicle is used for business. Detailing simply increases your enjoyment of your car by giving you that new car look, feel and smell that we all adore.

Of course if your car is used for business detailing enhances your presentation creating a great first impression, vital in business today.