If you want a sparkling clean car, with as little effort as possible, our fully automatic Laserwash 360° is the one for you.

Simply drive in, follow the LED instructions and let the technology do the rest. With it’s virtual treadle system our Laserwash 360° automatically detects where your car is and cleans every spot from the perfect angle, without ever touching it.

It’s 3-axis motion and rounded corner profiling ensures every cleaning product necessary, for a perfect finish, is delivered to exactly where it needs to be.

Once your car has been rinsed, cleaned, washed, waxed and had surface protection applied it gets a further spot-free rinse and is finally flash dried, removing 80% of any remaining water to give you a sparkling finish with virtually no effort at all.


Please note: whilst our automatic Laserwash 360° is amazing, if your car has ground in dirt it may require some further cleaning. Please don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly staff, who will be able to advise you on the best way to make your car shine.