Whilst we’re well known for our detailing services, Carlovers also has 24 hour DIY cleaning facilities, which include an automatic “scratch free” Laserwash, where you simply drive in follow the instructions on the panel, swipe your credit card and let the machine do the rest.

We also have a do-it-yourself car cleaning facility, which are pretty easy to use as well. Simply drive in, insert coins, choose a treatment from the control panel, roll the sleeves up and get cracking with the high-pressure water jet and various treatments available.

We also have vacuums facilities and automatic vending machines for fragrances and a multitude of other car care products to help you give your car that special clean.

You’ll need coins of course for some of the machines, but don’t worry if you run out, there is a convenient note to coin converter near the washbays.

These treatments are available in each of our bays:
  • Clean tyres & wheels
  • Degrease engine
  • High pressure surface rinse
  • Remove road grime with a foaming brush
  • Protect duco with a liquid polish
  • Rinse for a spot free finish

CarLovers Carwash Newcastle was established 25 years ago and is a clean, well-lit, safe carwash facility that is open 24 hours a day.

Please note that whilst our facilities will get rid of most of the day-to-day stains, stubborn dirt and grime may require a little extra elbow grease.