Car Lovers Detail Plus

Throughout your car’s life dirt, grime, road salt, coal dust and other contaminants can settle on the exterior of your car leading to visual and structural deterioration of the vehicle.

At CarLovers Detail Plus we detail the outside of your car so well it gleams, even those hard to reach crevices.

Our process is systematic, efficient and the premium products are safe and effective. Our staff are highly trained, using our high-tech workstations to detail your car efficiently to the highest possible standards.

All paint surfaces are given a “clay bar treatment” to help eliminate the build-up of grime and grit, which helps to protect the car’s finish so it looks better for longer.

This detailing package includes:
  • Hand wash & chamois dry
  •  Clean door jambs
  •  Clean & rejuvenate tyres, wheels & exterior trims
  •  Machine buff & polish
  •  Clay bar all paintwork
  •  Mirrors & glass cleaned and polished