Car Lovers Detail Plus

At CarLovers we offer the award winning RimPro-Tec Wheel Band System is a 3-component design, available in a range of colours.

When installed on your four wheels, RimPro-Tec adds an attractive band of tough PVC plastic between wheel rims and hazards like kerbs and drive-thru window barriers.

Car owners can personalise their wheels with easy to swap colour inserts that can be snapped into the mounting tracks.

Quick installation to rims is achieved using a specially formed, one-size fits all, 3M acrylic foam tape backed PVC mounting track that can be applied to 13-22 inch wheels.

Many car enthusiasts who want to make a statement are adding colour to their wheels, and personalising the appearance of their car.

RimPro-Tec is a unique accessory that protects wheels and improves appearance.

Benefits claimed by customers using RimPro-Tec:

• Acts as a bumper that reduces kerb rash
• Saves on expensive wheel refurbishments
• Blends in to match your car’s wheels
• Improves car appearance & uniqueness
• Justifies savings compared to expensive rim repairs

Please Note: RimPro-Tec does not protect wheel rims against tough, sudden impacts.